Creative Magnetic Learning Resources
for Teachers and Students

The idea for a Magnetic Daily Classroom Timetable was started in 2004 by Nadine McLindin while working as a Special Education Support Officer in a Reception Classroom.

This idea came after lots of thought and observation of teachers and children in the classroom.

Often the children would ask the teacher ‘What are we doing next?’ or ‘What are we doing after recess?’ Sometimes the teacher would write the timetable on the whiteboard with markers. This would take time and would regularly get rubbed off.

Nadine made a number of early prototypes and ran trials in school classrooms. The feedback from both teachers and children was overwhelmingly positive and so Tadah Learning That Sticks was born in 2007.

That initial thought and observation has lead to more creative ideas and products that enable teachers and parents to help children structure and organise their day, as well as other educational needs.

Today Tadah! Learning That Sticks continues to be particularly committed to developing products to support children with special learning needs.

Our ranges of products are high quality and we are ready to support you in giving your children essential learning and life skills.