Classroom Timetable Description

The idea for this magnetic classroom resource came
after lots of thought and observation in the classroom.

Often the children would ask the teachers
“What are we doing after recess?” or
“What are we doing this afternoon?”

The solution was a simple magnetic time scheduling system called the ……

‘Daily Classroom Timetable’

Interactive – The magnetic timetable is a great solution that helps teachers to plan and communicate their day easily and effectively with students in the classroom.
Easy to Read – The packs contain a variety of subject and activity cards with bright easy-to-understand graphics and words. They are especially suitable for children with learning difficulties.
Easy to Use – The timetable cards are designed to be simple and easy for the children to use themselves. The timetable cards also come in a convenient storage box which helps to protect and keep the cards neat and tidy.

Jazz arranging the timetable
for the day.
All this means…
Clear, Clean, Consistent Instructions

We are sure you will find the Daily Classroom Timetable and other Tadah products an invaluable part of the teaching and learning experience.

Included in the Daily Classroom Timetable are the following activity and subject cards.

These cards along with six time cards (3 x am cards and 3 x pm cards) allow you to plan your day easily and transparently with the students in your classroom.

The simplicity of the design and construction of this visual scheduling system means the children can interactively set the timetable for the day, i.e. you can delegate students to be your ‘timetable monitors’ whose task it is to stick the subject and activity cards (as per your instructions) to the whiteboard every morning.

The versatility of the cards allows for both horizontal and vertical layouts. We recommend the horizontal layout for younger classes so children can reach to position the cards on the whiteboard while the vertical layout would be more appropriate for the older classes.

  • Product: Daily Classroom Timetable
  • Description: A visual scheduling system
  • Card Size: Large - 190mm x 60mm
  • Price (AU): $49.50 (inc. GST)
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