Desktop Daily Classroom Timetable Description

This small timetable was created for children who have special learning needs in the classroom. The cards are identical to the ‘Daily Classroom Timetable’ pack and they offer bright visual cues to help keep a child-focussed on their daily routine.

This set of cards is supplied in a sturdy box together with a small magnetic whiteboard and an acrylic stand. This set can be placed on or near a child’s desk.

The flexibility of this personal timetable enables the teacher to cater for the child’s individual needs. Many ‘Extra cards’ are currently available throughout our website, and Tadah also offers a service to provide more personalised cards when requested.

As the ‘Desktop Daily Classroom Timetable’ set includes the days of the week, Tadah recommends purchasing the ‘Set’ of the ‘Daily Classroom Timetable’ and ‘Months and Weekdays’ together with the ‘Desktop Daily Classroom Timetable’ to maximise learning outcomes.