I have been using the visual timetable for eighteen months. I have found it to be a remarkable and very practical resource, which saved a lot of time.

It is great for organisation. The children can read and know what they’ll be doing throughout the day.

Working with young children, it helps them with their reading and spelling too. It develops independent skills as they are responsible for putting up the cards each day.

Children need structure and like to know what’s happening and this resource caters for these needs.
I am hooked on them and highly recommend them.

Irene - Year 1/2 teacher

Children find security in being able to predict what will happen next. This helps them to be ready for activities (eg. something is still in my bag for . . .)
and also to anticipate things they are looking forward¬†to (after this it’s sport which I love!)

Children with additional needs benefit from structure in their day – the Daily Classroom Timetable provides this in a clear, visual and simple way.
The Tadah products offer and excellent and very practical resource that will benefit students and teachers.

Teresa - Early Childhood Educator

For the last few years, I have put my time table on the whiteboard – for children to follow. These cards compliment what I do beautifully. The children ‘took’ to them straight away and did not have any problems with them. Great Idea!

Sue - Year 1/2 teacher

Great idea! Great to use in the class. The students enjoyed it. Very easy to change.

Amanda - Primary Teacher