Preschool Timetable Description

The magnetic ‘Daily Preschool Timetable‘ is an interactive scheduling system for use on magnetic whiteboards. Included are 30 activity cards.

The magnetic ‘Daily Preschool Timetable‘ allows teachers to plan and communicate their day easily and effectively with young students in the classroom. The simplicity and the design and construction of this visual scheduling system ensures the children can also set the timetable for the day. i.e. teachers can delegate a student to be a ‘Timetable Monitor‘ whose task it is to stick the subject and activity cards (as per teachers instructions) to a magnetic board every morning.

The magnetic cards are supplied in a handy storage box which helps to protect and keep the cards neat and tidy.

From recent trials in South Australian Primary Schools teachers agreed that this scheduling system;

  • enabled children to understand what they would be doing for the day.
  • improved the children’s understanding of the terms used to describe various subjects and activities within the classroom.
  • created a positive feeling as the children knew what they would be doing next.
  • allowed the teachers to communicate changes in the daily routine interactively with the children.

Please note, the cards within this pack may change from those listed below. To choose the cards you prefer in this pack, please refer to all cards on the website and select the cards required.